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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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$8 a gallon. >> i would probably look at other options in terms of having it every night with dinner for the children or something. >> that's crazy. i didn't realize there's going to be a huge hike in the price of milk. >> reporter: watch your paycheck. employers can't be sure how much to deduct next week because of the "fiscal cliff." if you are on extended unemployment, those checks could also disappear by next friday. with no deal in congress, the jobless benefits end. and for those depend on the on those extend and unemployment checks on a weekly basis, right now will be the time to ration food since it's still not certain that there are benefits coming next week. and for those trying to plan ahead for anyone about to pass, the inheritance cast could shoot up to 50% if we go over the cliff. and not to mention the stock market, we all know that investors do not like uncertainty. so really hitting us from all
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sides. >> it's like we have one foot over the cliff already. did you give thought to the "fiscal cliff" when doing your christmas shopping? many americans did because cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us retail numbers weren't good. >> reporter: i'm at union square which is mobbed. it's swinging. i spent the day here and it didn't get active until a couple of hours ago and as i look around, i don't see a lot of people with bags. i'm not sure they're shopping. but the retailers really hope they will because because they are in a lot of hurt. susan wanted to buy toys for her grandchildren but couldn't manage to go to a toy store. visions of the sandy hook elementary school massacre were in her head. >> i couldn't take the shopping and seeing all the little kids 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, particularly saddens me. >> reporter: she bought gift cards instead and none of the extra stuff she might have been found being in stores. december retail is a bummer in the news and stores. >> this is not at all a good holiday season for the
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retailer. >> reporter: it could have been for the customer. >> 495. our price is 179 and an additional 10% now. >> reporter: and no one is buying it? >> not yet. >> reporter: this shop slashed prices as retailers did all over the country. still, it was not a good christmas for her nor most others. >> it started out all right and it just dropped off about a week ago. >> reporter: that's when it should have been booming. as it turned out this was the worst season since the country was mired in recession 2008. sales were up fractionally. expectations were up 3 to 4%. >> the controversy around this "fiscal cliff" kicked in and people started feeling more fearful, consumer confidence took a dip. >> reporter: kit yarrow checked out union square crowds and was surprised to find light traffic. that's not good. 15% of annual sales for many
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stores come the week after christmas. >> consumers are willing to way. they have the means to investigate prices and, you know, they are holding out. there's still plenty of time, but obviously it's not going to be a stellar retail holiday season. >> reporter: i think i'm finding my next story. there's a fire somewhere. [ sirens ] >> reporter: this is the bargain next couple of days, 50% off and 20% off that. they are trying hard to make money. liz? >> maybe the people that are coming to you in the square hopefully are snatching up some of the deals. >> reporter: probably so. although i'm seeing a lot of people without bags so i don't know if they are just soaking up the atmosphere. >> hopefully those are buying, not returning so much. >> reporter: maybe. the weak holiday shopping report is blamed for today's losses on wall street. the dow, nasdaq and s&p were all down.
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developing news out of oakland. a man cleaning out his basement found more than 5 pounds of dynamite. he called police and the alameda county bomb squad removed it. about a dozen neighbors had to be evacuated during all that. the explosives had been there for more than 30 years without the guy even knowing it. they do date back to world war ii. a young woman who police say was drunk and behind the wheel of a car that plowed into a group of people enjoying the city lights from twin peaks went before a judge today. turns out the woman wanted to be a cop. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us now she faces a long prison sentence. >> reporter: the suspect gina eunice is locked up tonight. she appeared briefly in court at the hall of justice this afternoon. she did not enter a plea. a judge set her bail amount at $2 million citing public safety for that high amount. instead of up holing the law, gina eunice seen here in an orange jumpsuit found herself
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on the wrong side of the law. >> studying criminal justice hoping to become a police officer. >> reporter: her attorney says eunice was about to graduate from college. the san francisco district attorney charged the 23-year- old woman with driving under the influence, vehicular manslaughter. those are just some of the six charges she is facing after police say she drive her car into a group of people last week. the accident killed a 56-year- old woman visiting from china and injured two others. police say the injury knocked the three pedestrians about 30 feet down a hillside. while the victims' family did not appear in court, the suspects' relatives came to the hearing. they declined to talk on camera. but the suspect's attorney did speak saying gina eunice is praying for the victims, the yao family. >> gina and the eunice family are destroyed by what happened.
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and i think it's fair to say that their main concern is for the yao family. >> reporter: district attorney george gascon says he will prosecute this case aggressively. he says this is another example why people should not drink and drive. >> we are very concerned about the use of alcohol and driving and especially during the holiday season where so many people are attending parties. >> reporter: if eunice is able to make it $2 million bail, the judge says she would not be able to drink or drive. she is scheduled to return to court monday. >> da, did anything come up in court about whether she had any prior convictions on anything? because the amount is so high. >> reporter: it is very high. the judge said several times because of public safety he has to keep that amount at $2 million from. what the attorney -- the defense attorney, she was saying that she was on good behavior doesn't have any criminal background or history.
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and she was trying to be a cop actually. >> da lin, thank you. other bay area headlines, a nasty head-on crash closed san pablo dam road for several hours today. one woman and her dog were killed. a man in a second car suffered a broken arm. a body was found floating in the lagoon at a santa rosa condo complex. the 66-year-old was discovered with her purse and a small suitcase. police are waiting for autopsy results but don't suspect foul play. a family christmas party in alameda lost its holiday cheer. a fight broke out and police say a 42-year-old woman at the party used a box cutter to injure three-family members. it happened in an apartment on willie stargell avenue. the woman has been arrested. the rain moved east leaving behind a mess. flooding forced the closure of a southbound lane of the great highway. crews in east palo alto shoring up a levee along san
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fransesquito creek. the creek has subsided after overtopping a levee last weekend forcing evacuations of some homes. one house is still too damaged to live in. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here to tell us about the rain we got and going to get. >> more rain is coming but it's about 48 hours way. we need to let the water run off and it is right now because cbs 5 high-def doppler radar is showing dry conditions throughout the bay area. nearly half a foot of rainfall in san francisco and double that in the north bay. sfo shows the wettest month of the year. an inch of rain yesterday. this is san leandro earlier this morning where we had heavy showers until 8:00 or 9:00 on the peninsula. the rain didn't let up. a lot of it causes ponding on
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the roads and makes travel tough out there. travel tough up toward lake tahoe but man, is the skiing good! since friday, 60 to 80" of new snowfall with two or four inches of new snow likely this evening. winter storm warning continues. we'll talk about the next rain chance and actually a prolonged dry stretch. that's coming up in a few short minutes. >> thank you. you can track the storm anytime with our live high-def doppler radar. it's at the bay area is already at a high risk for landslides. i'll tell you what our recent rainfall means for the overall landslide danger just ahead. >> outrage after a newspaper maps out gun owners and their addresses. reaction tonight from a bay area district attorney. >> how international politics are driving up the price of your dry-cleaning. ,,,,,,
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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famous scene from mommy dea: faye dunnaway
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screaming: no more wire han! well, c-b-s 5 reporter don tells us: the fight over wi hangers has come to your aner, and >> remember the famous seen yeah mommy dearest is screaming no more wire hangers? don ford tells of us the fight for wire hangers comes to your dry cleaner and could you pay for it. >> reporter: who would have thought the simple act of dropping off dry-cleaning would involve international politics. steve sadler and his wife have owned a cleaners in albany for 32 years. >> most all of the hangers we buy today are made in vietnam or china. >> reporter: the u.s. commerce department says vietnam and china have flooded the market forcing nearly all u.s. manufacturers out of business. so the feds slapped a 187% tariff on the imported hangers. more than doubling the cost to dry cleaners. >> that certainly drove the price of hangers up. we were paying probably 4 to 5 cents a hanger and now we're
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paying up to 9 to 10 cents each. >> reporter: the co-owner says customers noticed the price increase. >> customers never like it but as costs go up, supplies, you have to do it. >> reporter: steve and janice say hangers are hardly worth harping about. the real cost increases are from utilities, chemicals and wages. when you run through nearly 10,000 hangers a month, every cent counts and recycling is encouraged. she says if you have hangers hanging around the house hand them back in. that's fewer foreign hangers that have to be purchased. in albany, don ford, cbs 5. important news for people who drive a prius. toyota has agreed to pay some former prius owners and fix millions of other cars. this was part of a settlement worth more than $1 billion to deal with the problem of some priuses suddenly accelerating. toyota will give 16 million
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current toyota owners supplemental warranty coverage for certain problems. toyota will retrofit 3.2 million priuses with a brake override system. and toyota will offer cash payments to customers who sold their prius cars or turned in leased priuses between september 2009 and december 2010. that's to compensate them for the car's lost value. >> for consumers, it means that two major defects in toyota vehicles will be fixed but how many more defects are there? how many more recalls are there going to be? after all, toyota in the last three years recalled over 10 million vehicles. >> what this settlement. does not resolve, claims by people who want money for injuries or deaths linked to the sudden acceleration problems. a federal judge still has to okay the settlement. the rain may be gone from the skies but saturated hillsides can still pose a
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danger. mark sayre is with homeowners keeping their eyes on their hills near their neighborhoods. >> reporter: landslides are serious. state officials say 100 californians have died as a result of landslides in the past 25 years. the bay area already at risk and all the recent rain makes it more so. you don't have to look far to see the signs all of over the bay area of plenty of small landslides like this one in the hills of alameda county or this one along nearby morrison canyon road which remains closed due to the ongoing landslide danger. according to the california geological survey, there is no specific data that can predict when any particular hillside will give way. >> the longer you go into the season, the greater that risk becomes because the ground has absorbed that much more water. >> reporter: ron ruben is a state geologist who studies landslides all over california. he says the bay area is particularly at risk. >> the type of bedrock that we have in the bay area is generally relatively weak compared to other parts of the state and we also have
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additional weakness in the rocks based on the amount of faulting that's happened in the bay area. that fault activity over time will weaken rocks. >> reporter: this map of the bay area shows the areas at the highest risk of landslides along the east and south bay hills of and on the peninsula since one major predicter of landslides is previous landslides residents along canyon hikes drive here in fremont monitor the hills. this old landslide is clearly visible just above the neighborhood but juan gonzalez says there has not been too much trouble recently. >> the neighbors had a meeting in the school and they were concerned about the slides. >> reporter: it's right above the school. >> yeah. >> reporter: in 2005 this massive landslide occurred in the southern california community of la conchita another unseen danger of
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landslides, they can happen well after the heavy rains disappear. so what should you watch out for? >> sometimes you can see cracks on a slope if there's not a lot of vegetation. you might recognize that if there's not a lot of trees in the way or if you can see bulging in the ground. >> reporter: experts also say there's one simple thing you can do if you live on a hillside right above you. if you have lower bedrooms, simply don't sleep in those during periods of heavy rain. elizabeth that will give you time get out if the hill gives way. back to you. >> thank you. all right. let's go to paul deanno and our little slice of earth likes to move around here sometimes. >> it has been known to move from time to time. that makes things a logical worse, so does the rainfall that we have had for four or five straight weeks. anywhere from 6 to 15" of rainfall. this is a much different picture what a beautiful sunset captured with our mount vaca cam where our high-def doppler radar is located. we cleared out the rain. we cleared out much of the cloud cover and had a gorgeous sunset. now we talk about where we are right now. obviously dark but a beautiful
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shot here from our new hd oakland airport camera look back at san francisco and the bay bridge. highs today did make it to the mid- to upper 50s. oakland topped the bay area contest if you will for highs. high of 58 degrees. sonoma 56. concord, santa rosa 55. redwood city, san francisco, 54. there's the radar. we would need two weeks or so to reduce the landslide threat. we had showers at lunchtime. we had scattered showers but that instability pushed south and right now we're clearing things outsetting the stage for a chilly night. if you live away from the water, we'll be looking at lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. not a freeze or frost but chilly. tomorrow thursday you get a dry day because of this. big area of high pressure blocking the rainfall for one day. but over my shoulder here is the next low pressure area which gets here friday afternoon giving us a rain chance late friday early
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saturday that's when the rain returns. so two days before now and our next rain chance. rain-free until friday afternoon. on and off until lunchtime on saturday. if you are planning to head up to the higher elevations and the ski resorts, there's plenty of snow for your skiing pleasure. highs tomorrow once again the mid-50s. we are going to be stuck there for a while. oakland 56. redwood city 54. napa your high tomorrow 53 but the key is we're dry. rain is back late friday. first half of saturday looks wet and nothing too heavy and then sunday, monday, tuesday three straight dry days including tuesday new year's day before the first rain chance of 2013 next wednesday. that's your cbs 5 forecast. thank you. many of them are strangers like $500. someone i don't know. >> a family dog home and healthy for the holidays. how shasta was saved by strangers. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because shoppers started smelling what they thought s natural gas. p-g and e showed up and determined it wasn't a gas leak. but hazmat teams haven't figuret the the safe way store in daly city had to be evacuated because shoppers thought they smelled natural gas. it was not a gas leak. but hazmat hasn't determined the source of the odor. the store is still closed. a young bay area couple is thanking anonymous donors for saving their puppy. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on how complete strangers saved the husky and the family christmas. >> reporter: it was two weeks to christmas when nick and lindsey anderson realized their dog shasta had escaped from the backyard. it was what they discovered hours later that was really devastating. >> she started barking at the
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back door. she was hurt. she couldn't walk dragging her paw just crying. >> reporter: shasta, doctors told them, had been hilt by a car. her pelvis was broken in three places and surgery was going to cost $5,000. >> can't afford that. >> reporter: they knew the only other option would be putting her down so they got on craigslist hoping to find someone who could afford to take care of shasta. instead they found a woman named mary. she's an angel. >> reporter: who worked with lindsey to set up this fundraising site on give mary whom the andersons never met urged total strangers to give money for the surgery. >> one day it was at $720. the next morning it was $1300, almost doubled. >> very grateful. many of them are strangers. somebody gave $500, somebody we don't even know. >> reporter: within four days the site had racked up $3,300,
6:24 pm
enough for doctors to go ahead with the surgery just days before christmas. >> shasta, knock it off. >> reporter: the andersons are still trying to raise the last $1,300 on but shasta is recovering. >> we are just grateful that there are people out there willing to give to a puppy. >> reporter: and this, they say, is priceless. in antioch, christin ayers, cbs 5. coming up in the next half hour the winter storm pounding the nation's midsection. the number of those killed, the damage, and where that storm system is head right now. >> san francisco's district attorney expresses his thoughts on a map revealing gun owners near the newtown shooting scene. >> more scribbling on your coffee cup. the two words starbucks workers are being asked to write. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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erupted christmas day. oh, my god, look, that's a tornado! >> oh, wow! >> now at 6:30, the damage from the deadly storm system that erupted christmas day. that winter storm slammed the midwest and it's heading east
6:28 pm
with powerful winds and blizzard conditions. and making a mess of flight schedules at major hubs from chicago, cleveland, philly and new york. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is at reagan national airport. danielle. >> reporter: liz, airlines are still trying to catch up at this hour. today is considered one of the busiest days to fly during the holiday season. and airports all the way from texas to new york have struggled to move travelers along today. mobile, alabama is still cleaning up a day after storm ripped roofs from homes and shattered car windows. the porch at this home was destroyed. 34 tornadoes hit the southeast, the most ever in the u.s. on christmas day. years of drought in texas made the dry trees vulnerable to high winds. in arkansas, more than a foot of snow made for a rare day of sledding. more than 200,000 people have no power in the south. as the storm heads east, heavy rain is flooding parts of south carolina, blowing snow causing
6:29 pm
white-out conditions in indiana and ohio. and blizzard warnings are posted as far north as maine. this storm is wrecking travel plans. more than 900 flights have been canceled across the u.s., with more expected in the next couple of days. here at reagan national airport, freezing rain is delaying some flights. but many passengers are stuck because of snow at their destinations. >> a cancellation? >> reporter: dorian friedman and her daughter were going to lansing, michigan. >> i had a bad feeling on the way here and said, i don't see any planes taking off or landing. so we weren't surprised. but it's a little frustrating. >> reporter: this storm is now bringing snow, freezing rain and high winds to the east coast. forecasts are calling for yet another winter storm to hit the same area this weekend. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: airports in the
6:30 pm
washington area and in philadelphia and new york are expected to have the most problems tonight with delays and cancellations. and as that storm closes in on new england, we can also probably start to see boston's airport, airports in connecticut and rhode island, on that list also. danielle nottingham, cbs news, reagan national airport, arlington, virginia. >> thank you. and despite the hundreds of canceled flights, no delays at sfo right now. big delays however with caltrain today. some trains were behind more than an hour. caltrain blamed a signalling problem and switched to backup software. right now trains are back on time. former president george h.w. bush is in intensive care tonight. a fever that kept mr. bush in the hospital over christmas has apparently gotten worse. doctors have him on a liquids- only diet. a bronchitis-like cough initially sent the former president, who is 88 years ole, to the hospital on november 23rd. police are allowing
6:31 pm
families back into an upstate new york neighborhood where a gunman shot and killed two firefighters. police say william spengler started a fire that destroyed 7 homes in the town of webster christmas eve. then he shot at the first responders when they arrived. off duty police got there just seconds after firefighters. >> a round or something impacts my windshield and then i hear multiple popping sounds. >> spengler shot four firefighters, killing two of them. when police arrived, spengler took his own life. but he left a note saying he planned to burn down the entire neighborhood and, quote, do what i like doing best, killing people. he served 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer back this 1980. the debate over gun control has moved to one of privacy over protection. after a new york newspaper published a map of gun owners' homes. the new york journal news got
6:32 pm
the data by filing freedom of information requests. now, apparently these maps don't show whether the residents actually own guns, just that they are legally able to. san francisco district attorney george gascon says it's an unfortunate set of circumstances. >> the question, the people that are actually registering the guns and are following all the rules law-abiding citizens should be protected. >> the new york journal news is standing behind the project but didn't return phone calls from cnn seeking comment t said in the story that it published a similar list in 2006. gun buy-backs here in the bay area have turned out to be a big success in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. now los angeles is moving up the date of its annual gun buy- back program and teresa garcia has more from los angeles. >> reporter: cars lined up for blocks around the los angeles sports arena as people waited to turn in their weapons. >> these are grade a assault rifles in this bin.
6:33 pm
this is what we get. >> reporter: it's a anonymous no questions asked policy, handguns and rifles exchanged for $100 grocery store gift cards, automatic weapons get $200. >> with the vouchers that we are going to get, we are going to give them to needy families for food and whatever. so it's good all the way around. >> reporter: the buy-back program usually happens in may but the mayor said it was a critical to act now after the massacre at a connecticut elementary school this month. >> this is an opportunity for people to get involved and do what they want to do. they wantget guns out of their homes. >> reporter: police will check every gun collected in these bins. now, if any of these weapons are stolen, they will be returned to their rightful owners. otherwise, they will be melted down for scrap. critics charge most of the weapons turned in at these events are old or broken and wouldn't be used in a crime. ricky frazier turned in two guns and even he is not sure this will change gun culture in the u.s. >> they think, you know, might
6:34 pm
is right so that's just how it's always been. so something i don't think you can unlearn in a short time. >> reporter: the mayor says violent crimes are down in los angeles in part because of programs like this. there's sa garcia, cbs news, los angeles, teresa garcia. the "fiscal cliff" fight comes to coffee shops. how starbucks hopes to grind that debate to a halt. >> a christmas gift exposing an embarrassing mistake. the taboo discovery on a tablet computer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
up space? san francisco's annual "treecycling" program starts next week. getting tired of your christmas tree dropping pine needles and taking up space? san francisco's annual treecycling program starts next week as do many others in the bay area. but the city and the trash company recology dragged out the chipper to show us what it does. they say all those little chips will be converted into
6:37 pm
alternative energy fuel. >> we want the tree kept separate on the curb with the regular carts. we want the trees be free of ornaments, tinsel or lights. >> last year, more than 500 tons of christmas trees collected in san francisco. the program's 26th year, starting january 2 to the 15th. today is the first day of kwanzaa. there was a free concert to kick off the holiday. the tradition dates back to the '60s to honor family, community and culture. the festival continues through january 1. starbucks getting political. the could have the chain is chain is asking workers in the d.c. area to write "come together" on the cups to suggest to lawmakers to come it a budget deal and avoid the "fiscal cliff." unexpectedly falling in the
6:38 pm
naughty list. christmas present that became a family's triple x surprise. >> for christmas yesterday, a lot of you tried to take those presents outside and met one some rainfall. but today we are looking at different conditions. how long does the dry stick around? i have your seven-day forecast all the way to next year coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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in sacramento unwrapped an android tablet. c-b-s reporter ron jones tells us: the tablet wasn't loaded wi kids games. quite a christmas surprise. a 9-year-old girl in sacramento unwrapped an android tablet. ron jones tells us it doesn't have kids' games. >> what am a going to tell my 9- year-old about pornographic videos. >> reporter: the christmas was ruined. >> this is brand-new christmas present that she asked for santa. >> reporter: what she showed us on a brand-new android tablet was disturbing. we witnessed extremely graphic sex videos the same ones her daughter saw christmas morning. she noticed an unusual expression on her third-
6:42 pm
grader's face. >> awkward look. i asked her what's wrong. she is handing me the tablet, what's this? >> reporter: it and to be appeared to be amateur home video. she ordered it online through target. >> they don't sell them in the stores. >> reporter: when it arrived it still had the factory sealed sticker on it and it was wrapped as new. the mom swears no one in her house would have downloaded the video much less created one like that. she says when she contacted target online she was told to return the tablet. she says that's not good enough. >> this could have happened before. who knows how many times this has happened and no one said anything about it? you know, another one could be on the way to another kid. >> the mother plans to call a lawyer. speaking of gift returns, shopping malls busy taking back unwanted presents. today in daly city we found a lot of customers exchanging gifts. on the day after christmas,
6:43 pm
americans return about one in every 10 presents. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> waiting for might have wife. >> how long will be here? >> maybe 30 to 40 minutes. >> reporter: some would say you're patient. >> no problem. >> make her do the dirty work. a lot of cuss in rewere redeeming gift cars. a lot of stores offer after christmas markdowns and new products. a lot of us hope to exchange rainy weather for dry weather for a couple of days. >> we can try. certainly. those seats, those seats for the guys outside all the stores are tough to come by like 4 seats and 100 shoppers. good luck if you get one. south bay the final wednesday of 2012 a peek outside showing
6:44 pm
clearing skies leading to a cold night. i'm going to zoom into santa rosa. since thanksgiving, i add up these totals on christmas day, you have had more than 15 inches of rainfall in santa rosa just over the past 4.5 weeks. and in san francisco, we are coming up on 6 inches of rain for the month a half foot and more than what we saw in march and at the start of spring. we have eclipsed that. our december rainfall, a couple of drips of rain shy of a half foot of rain for the month and we had some showers in san francisco and all of the bay area this morning. unstable northwest flow of air. now we are seeing clear skies, a little cloud cover out of the north bay gone after midnight. there are still storms coming. we are getting mother nature's kind of reloading. the active storm track is still
6:45 pm
there but for one day high pressure nudged everything up to the north drying us out tonight, tomorrow and for the first half of friday. so about 48 hours of a dry window. then high pressure high tails it out of here allowing the next storm to move n even though this won't be a direct hit, most of the energy to the north offshore it will be enough to give us some of rainfall and moves back in late in the day on friday. let's time things out for you. all the way until friday afternoon will be moving in north to south. toward santa rosa you get the rain first san jose, friday night. we'll have on and off rainfall until lunch. time on saturday. no flooding or landslides additionally because of the rain. if you want to go skiing, i'll have the ski report in a second. what a great weekend to hit the slopes. it's a holiday, a lot of snow up there. some areas have had 7 feet of snow over just the past six days. highs tomorrow thursday san francisco couple of degrees below normal 52. san jose 6 degrees below normal with a high of54.
6:46 pm
union city 54. san mateo 53. danville the 680 corridor likely topping out in the low 50s tomorrow with partly sunny skies. mill valley 52. oakland 56. santa rosa 53 degrees. your extended forecast rain back late on friday. saturday we'll start off soggy but not going to be an all weekend deal. by saturday afternoon we'll clear out then on sunday new year's eve and new year's day tuesday we're dry before another shower chance moves in on wednesday. all in all the weather is calming down albeit coming down slowly. very active in the mountains. i want to show you the snow report because there is a ton of snowfall. great news for ski, out there. first up will be heavenly. just over the past 24 hours, new foot of snowfall, 42" base, more snow friday night. kirkwood, just over the past day nearly 2 more feet of snowfall with a 94" base packed powder there. more snow in boreal and 18" of new snow over the past 4 hours so excellent skiing conditions. skiers may love it but it's a challenge to get up there
6:47 pm
because chains are required on 50 and 80. >> thank you. tonight we'll be broadcasting our annual special on the 2012 jefferson award winners. kate kelly is one of the reporters who brings you these stories each and every week and earlier, we asked her to tell us what this year's show is all about. >> reporter: given the state of the economy this year, we decided to focus this show on the jefferson award winners whose programs focused on job training and workplace skills. now, you're going to meet people who are giving home to those overcoming challenges like homelessness and addiction and some programs that specifically target youth. one might have favorites was started by a woman in sonoma county. she brings high school students into the kitchen and teaches them how to make nutritious meals. but the best part is, the meals are then delivered to people in the community who need it most, people who are fighting life- threatening illnesses or undergoing chemotherapy and who could really use a healthy meal, something they couldn't cook themselves.
6:48 pm
so that's just one example of the people you'll meet tonight and we hope you'll join us for the program. >> and you can see tonight's jefferson awards special at 7 p.m. right here on cbs 5. hey, ahead, the nfl pro bowl vip list is out! and a whole lot of 49ers get beyond those velvet ropes including 99 right here for starters. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nfl not six, not seven, not eight... but a franchise tying all-time high nine 49ers were voted to the pro bowl and the defense accounted for six of those selections. sack machine aldon smith is the headliner going to his first pro bowl after a franchise high 19.5 sacks so far. he will be joined by justin submit, willis, bowman, whitner and goldson. on the office side of the ball frank gore is the front- runner. he became the franchise all- time leading rusher of the season to be joined by iupati and staley. it's the first time since 2003 that there are no raiders
6:52 pm
selected to the pro bowl team. vernon davis a pro bowl alternate wearing a black no contact jersey at practice today while recovering from the concussion suffered on that play in seattle. individual drills only for davis. 9ers are two touchdown favorites to beat arizona and lock up the nfc west. this norwegian soccer player put together a youtube video a montage of trick shots kick a football. he hoped to get a tryout for an nfl team. the new york jets brought him in. his goal is to be a starting kicker in the nfl at the start of next season. nba the warriors running with the utah jazz right now. story coming up on the late show. you might not know that they have a developmental teammate, d league entry in santa cruz that made their home debut a couple of nights ago in their newly constructed kaiser permanente arena.
6:53 pm
and there was an electric vibe on christmas eve as the santa cruz warriors sold out the place. sold it out on christmas eve. the warriors ownership group built this facility in just over 9 months having their d league team so close to the bay area helping the big club develop players. tough job being santa all those appearances. this one did not stick. the landing. a face plant to the rim. that was the halftime entertainment at yesterday's bold rockets game. tough one. oh, poor santa! whoa man! she makes a lot of noise on the basketball court. and she earns the cheers from the crowd. but guard alexis thompson can't hear them. let's take you to santa clara. to most in attendance a mission college basketball game sounds like this. [ noise ] >> reporter: for saints first year guard alexis, the game sounds like this. [ silence ]
6:54 pm
>> reporter: alexis has been deaf since she was two months old. >> yes, i do feel like it is a challenge. definitely sometimes. especially with coach sometimes you know and the team. you definitely have to work hard at it and try to get involved. >> reporter: the vallejo native has been involved in basketball since age 9. always nearby is jessica wang, mission college's sign language interpreter who declined to be interviewed for this story preferring that her animated signing style do the talking. >> you got two choices. you get together and start playing hard or we're going to be sitting. fair enough? one, two, three! >> mission! >> reporter: the two are together at time-outs, halftime speeches, there she
6:55 pm
is in the background. a value asset for alexsis and the coach -- well, most times. >> sometimes the coach doesn't want an interpreter so he tries sign himself and so he tries to talk that way directly so that's always interesting. >> reporter: alexsis has always had to be one step ahead of her teammates and opponents through her school career to get this far and a loss of hearing hasn't stopped her or her good spirits, too. here she is signing, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> a lot of people think it's like oh, well she can't play basketball. but i'm going to prove them wrong. i think anything is possible. >> now, when she signs cbs 5, she had me right there. she could have said anything. but she was talking about how the coach she doesn't want the sign language interpreter, he wants to try it himself. the only problem is when tries to do it, i'm not wearing pants.
6:56 pm
you know? [ laughter ] >> whoa. >> but alexsis is pretty good. she averages six points, four rebounds a game coming off the bench. she is not a starter yet. her college careers in mission college in santa clara. and they are playing siskiyous this saturday at home at 5:00. go saints! >> thanks, vern. all right, sir. give us a look outside. >> i think the extended forecast is going to be something. a lot of flood-prone areas, folks getting a little trepidation about landslides this, that, weather-wise with a lot of rainfall, kind of calming things down. there are showers moving in late friday and early saturday and we get a three-day break and showers on wednesday. all in all i don't see any heavy rainfall for the next week. good news interest. >> coming up, kate kelly and sharon chin bring us a special show honoring the men and women who won jefferson awards this year. captions by: caption colorado
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